#19 Meat

Back in May we visited the restaurant Meat.  It is on Whyte Ave right next to their other place - the Next Act.  Being a huge fan of the food at the Next Act, I couldn't wait to try their new place.  They have a basic menu - meat - with some side dishes.  It's very very loud in there so be prepared to either shut up and eat or yell.  The noise doesn't matter though because the food is delicious.  We ordered a sampler plate along with a few side dishes.  It arrived on a big cookie sheet.

Everything was delicious.  There were 4 of us and I think every one of us had a different favorite meat.  I also tasted the potato salad and the mac n cheese -both were divine!!  Every table has 4 different BBQ sauces on the table: Bourbon, Mustard, Spicy and Cherry.  I found that the meat was so flavorful on its own that no sauce was needed.

The menu has a prominent box around Pickles - $1 so we all ordered a pickle too.  Not that we are susceptible to suggestion or anything.

The food here was great and I can't wait to eat here again!

Here Kitty Kitty

Awkward landings...

Time to BBQ

Sometimes it's nice to let someone else do the cooking...


#18 Tom Yum Soup

This one was actually back in February sometime... I'm a slacker. 

Tom Yum soup with noodles, and peanuts on top. It was really really good. :). My office mate insisted I try it. For once, he was right...but don't tell him that. 


Cake pops

Even though he can't eat... Or taste...Skelly is a huge fan of the culinary arts and wanted to try his hand at cake pops.


#17 Sushi

New thing for 2014...#17... As described in an email to friends....

12:20pm - I stare down at the sushimi on my plate and wonder what the hell i was thinking.   ordered me a bento box with more normal things in it...but his stuff arrived first and he insisted that I taste it.  THERE IS A PIECE OF RAW SALMON STARING AT ME.    Its RAW.  As in, NOT COOKED.  I feel bile rising in my throat.  Seriously?  Why in the HELL would people EAT this?  I don't get it.  Why did I agree to this?  Turning slightly I eyeball the door.  Is it too late to run?  I buy time by snapping a photo of it and sending a picture to husband who replies "good luck".  Bastard.  I decide that NOW would be a wise time to open my chopsticks and learn how to use them.  Another couple of minutes get wasted as I watch ninja chopstick skills and try to mimic them.  I hope I can drop the salmon on the floor when he's distracted. Sigh.  No such luck. I try to pick up the piece of salmon with my chopsticks and fail miserably.   advises me to just stab the damn thing.  I stab it viciously trying to kill it.  Its so raw, I'm pretty sure I saw it crawl across my plate a few seconds ago.  Impaled on my chopsticks, I hear the salmon say "save me!" and I drop it into my soy sauce to let it marinate.  I make random conversation, innerly rolling my eyes at the rising edge of panic to my voice.  I am not even making sense  damn it!!!  What am i even talking about?  ARG!!  I sigh loudly - most likely interrupting story at the time - but I can't think of anything but this gross looking meat and wondering if I'm going to throw up.  It's time.  I ask if I should chew it or just gulp it down and am advised to chew it.  Ok.  I scoop it up and toss it in.  Chew.  Chew. Chew. Swallow. Didn't throw it back up into lap.  Score!  Didn't even gag. Winner!   I wait for the cheering crowd to applaud, the angels to sing and my award to be brought out.  Sigh.  Clearly no one appreciates what I just did here. 


More things

Too bad it's my last morning here. If I were here much longer I'd hit 40 things in no time at all. :)

#13 - drank a Flirtini. I did not like it. Don't be fooled by its fun name.

#14 - sampled a gimlet. This one was very good. Maybe I should have vowed to try 40 new drinks... I would enjoy that. :)

#15 - ate a peanut butter and fig crepe. I was told it tastes strangely like peanut butter and jam. It does... So weird. Very tasty though. You can't go wrong having a big mouthful of peanut butter. :)

#16 - I held and even shot a gun. Maybe it was just a pellet gun but it was still a teeny tiny bit scary... But then became fun.  Strangely enough, this one was actually on my top 40 bucket list.  Husband says I should complete this one with a real gun at a shooting range. Hmm.... 


Tropical goodness

#11 - I ate squid. The room was too dim to capture that one. It was ok... It helped that it looked like an onion ring. Mentally empowering. :) the texture was like most seafood - spongy - I hate that. The taste was ok though. 

#12 - a cactus smoothie (with celery, parlsley, pineapple and orange juice) - was definitely more appetizing than it looked. During my recent detox cleanse thing I referred to earlier I had a smoothie called a pineapple green. This tasted almost identical to it. Very refreshing.

I know - those who know me are now thinking I've been brainwashed but really , it was good.

This is not a new thing it is an amusing thing... We were on Isla mujeres yesterday and stopped for lunch. The menu promised "super nachos !" How could we not order that?

Don't get excited - prices are in pesos. Divide by about 13 right now to get US$.

Here are super nachos


40 things

#7 - blogging at an open air bar under the stars 

#8 - tasting my first piña colada 

#9 - eating Oreos in bed (not my bed - I know - living dangerously)

#10 - guava margarita(and mango and strawberry but those weren't new)


The Big 4-0

I broke into a cold sweat just typing the title of this post. They say that (and I'm not sure who THEY are but in this case must be very clever people) you are only as old as you feel. If that's true then I'm 26...maybe even 27.

Even as I typed that blatant lie, the aching twinges in my back and the wrinkles in my hands are snickering. 

No matter how I spin it and no matter how much I pay my son to loudly spout that I'm 31 in public, the ice cold truth is that sometime in 2014, I turn 40. Ugg... My heart skipped a beat there. (Apparently another sign of my aging)

Judging from others and certainly from the media, I'm entitled to a mid life crisis this year. While I weigh my options and decide just how I'm going to turn life on its head, I decided to try something new. More than something new really...40 new things.

If I can try 100 new things I'll do that. At least 40 though...Some will be easy and some will be hard (I hope) but all will be new to me. Since it's already April , I'm going to have to pick it up a little. As I blog by the pool at the resort I am at in Mexico ( hey - there's #1 - blogging on vacation in Mexico ) I remembered that I have a list made up of things I'd like to try. When I get home I will start to cross some of those off.

#2 - ate at a new restaurant - Fife and Deckel
#3 - tried Mahi Mahi

Hey you! Yes you! You can roll your eyes at my choices all you want. This is MY list. My only rule is that they must all be things I have NEVER done before. As I live in a very sheltered world, I expect this list may hit 10,000.... Or 17... Because there is a reason I'm sheltered. New things scare me. 

#4 - I cut my first avocado. Adored chopping the pit out. I felt like a ninja warrior. 

#5 - I ate miso. Multiple times over three weeks. I still don't know what the hell it is and I think it's best if it stays that way

#6 - I did a cleanse diet thingy... For 14? Days. I survived but I think I almost killed those around me. They had to survive the fact that I get very grouchy when hungry AND I got so hungry - they started to look appetizing to me... With a little butter and salt.

As a lay here considering when to enact #7 - my first piña colada... I will reflect and see how any more things I have already done and try and impress upon my brain that I should take photos of these things as they happen. 

Skelly's Christmas

Found these old photos lurking in the woodwork...

Skelly was hoping to find a Mrs Skelly under the tree...


Looking in all the wrong places

Poor cat... His owners won't let him have any friends...

Skelly had a good Christmas

Making friends?

Alien kitty has Skelly mesmerized and at his bidding... Then transforms into deceptively cute kitty to absorb the love.