Still Alice

Girls night out - combine this with some Famoso pizza salads and soup = perfect date.


Door 18

"That Gal". Sephora says that this primer makes skin appear smoother and brighter.

I did wear it alone to work one day and a few people commented that I looked good. I also had mascara on so maybe they were just mesmerized by my eyes?

I will have to try this one again especially after watching the video on sephora. Lol. She seemed quite enamored by the smell.

Door 17

This is definitely not worth it.

Door 16 on my advent calendar

I had to google this one too. The term high beam in my head did not translate to make up. Sephora says that Benefit's High Beam adds angelic sheen when added to brow bones and cheekbones.

This amuses me and makes me feel like a 40 year old trying to be 14. For that reason I'm going to put some on now just before supper. I'm on day 15 of a nasty resp flu and look pretty deathly right now. I'll let you know after supper how angelic my family thought I looked...stay on the edge of your seat waiting for me....

Well that was a dismal fail. They noticed my eye right away (see the last door) but nothing with angelic glow. Later I was told that I had sparkles stuck to my face. Guess it's gonna take a lot more than High Beam to make me an angel.


First he ate most of the eat more bars that I had baked for Christmas...and then he drank my wine. My only satisfaction is that he was terribly hungover.

Door 15

Ooh la lift!

Yes I had to google that. Raspberry extract, light reflecting pigments - what could go wrong? Who wouldn't want this magic pink balm to give them an under eye lift? 

I tried it. I don't remember it looking like it lifted anything but I'll try it again at work one day ....on just one eye.

I tried it at the supper table...left eye. Husband right away noticed as did my son. My six year old daughter studied me very seriously before telling me that my eyes didn't look tired.

Door 14


Gave them to my 6 year old.

Advent calendar

Door 13?

Benefit's Posietint 
I had to google this...not an obvious name. :) turns out it's tint for cheeks or lips. I tried for both... Didn't like it for cheeks but it was cute for lips.

Procrastination Kitty

Kitty is angry that I took so long to send out Christmas cards this year....

Next door

I liked this one. It's not greasy and leaves my skin feeling soft. Two thumbs up!

Door number something

I will never use this. Primer to help hold your foundation in place for 15 hours!  I don't even wear foundation 99% of the time so this is overkill. I must remember to give this one away.

#41 High Roller

Have I ever mentioned that I never step beyond the second step of a ladder? This new thing was a challenge for me. 

At 550 feet tall at its summit, it takes 30 minutes to make your way around the wheel. We did not pay the extra $10 to have a car with a bar (no bathroom and a bar - why?) so we were immediately seated... In a car with just the two of us!

I was pretty nervous but it turned out to be not so bad. :)

Fun to watch the fountains from this high!!!

#40 Javier's Restaurant - Aria Hotel

We didn't plan to eat here actually but one day we were pressed for time and since it was in our hotel and smelled good - we drifted in.

Everything here from the food to the service was amazing!!! The chips & salsa on the table were just the right blend of spicy and salty. The drink I had (Granada) was absolutely delicious and the food was so good that this place is on my must-eat list for our next trip....whenever that must be.

Even more Vegas at Christmas

#39 In and Out Burger

My husband tried this the last time he was in Vegas and said that I had to try it. Prices are ridiculously low and the menu simple. I really liked it.