Door 8

A tiny notepad. Fail.

Door 7

Another something I will never use and is not worth it to me. In my opinion it should NOT be in the calendar.

Door 6

I don't mind this's like the lightest of light foundations. Meant to wear alone or under regular make up...I wore it alone and it does smooth things out without being at all cake-y. I would consider this product at full price.

#36 S'mores

I know, you are thinking you've misread- who has never had a smore?  That's The kids thought I should do this after they had s'mores with their grandparents.

Sadly, I had to google how to make them....

#35 Beer

I don't like beer. I'd like to like beer for the convenience, but it's just gross. A couple of friends have taken it upon themselves to ease me into beer. This one I tried tastes very little like beer and so I liked it!

Door 5

For the girl who gets dark eye circles, this seems to be the miracle product!

For fun, I put this under one eye and on the other eye I used the product from door number 4. Then I went to work. I polled 7 people from my work - which eye looks less tired?  With a final score of 4 for Stay, Don't Stray and 3 for Its Potent...I'll let you draw your own conclusions.


Door 4

THIS, I had to google...

Apparently it doubles as a concealer. I do use a concealer regularly so I have used it a few times since opening it....


I do like frosty mornings...

Door 3

Ahh's supposed to make eyelashes 94% longer.

I tried to get a selfie but my eyelashes were so long they knocked the phone from my hand....

Door Number 2

I liked this one. Lip gloss doesn't frighten me. I didn't even have to google how to use it. That's something isn't it? I took 4 selfies of my lips wearing it before I got one that looks less like  I ate a lemon...

Door number 1

I already regret this purchase...a paper clip? Really? That's just not worth the $4 per door that each thing should be worth. (I discount by $1 because it's just fun ripping a door open...)

Advent calendar

I admit it, I'm not much of a girl. I rarely wear dresses. I rarely wear make up.  In fact, I don't even know what most make up is for. Stores like Sephora scare the living crap out of me. I avoid them like the plague. The people who work there and the sheer volume of things that frighten me is far too much to bear.

One day, I got pulled in by a friend who wanted to show me what she bought recently. This friend makes this store less scary and almost intriguing. 

So somehow, almost by accident, I bought an advent calendar. A make up advent calendar. 

I are shaking your head. Me too. A benefit make up advent calendar? Why? How?

It's sadly simple. I love samples and I love advent calendars. Hook, line and sinker.

Hmm...I guess this makes this new thing #35 too


#34 Gondola

Being terrified of heights, this one was a struggle. I can't even climb a ladder. I'm sure I imagined plunging to my death at least 20 times...

Once I made it off there though... Words wouldn't come...

Utterly breathtaking...

#33 Diagonal Crosswalks

I have never seen a diagonal crosswalk before and it made me smile!!

#32 Athena Pizza

The 42nd new thing to me in 2014 was that I ate here while in Banff. Twice actually. :) the pizza was really good and the service great. We got here early just before the lunch rush came...