#34 Gondola

Being terrified of heights, this one was a struggle. I can't even climb a ladder. I'm sure I imagined plunging to my death at least 20 times...

Once I made it off there though... Words wouldn't come...

Utterly breathtaking...

#33 Diagonal Crosswalks

I have never seen a diagonal crosswalk before and it made me smile!!

#32 Athena Pizza

The 42nd new thing to me in 2014 was that I ate here while in Banff. Twice actually. :) the pizza was really good and the service great. We got here early just before the lunch rush came...

#31 The Bow Falls

While in Banff, I got to see the Bow Falls for the first time...

#30 Hidden Ridge Resort

Stayed here in Banff In late September.

Loved it. It had a well equipped kitchen and a wood burning fireplace.

We paid extra to have the Keg leave us a steak dinner in the fridge - there were a few communal BBq's for us to make our steak & baked potato which we had with the provided Caesar salad and cheesecake!

The hot pools on site were great and you couldn't beat the view!


#28 Rosewood Cafe & #29 The Kaslo Hotel

On our trip through BC we stopped for the night in Kaslo where I experienced new things number 28 and 29. The Kaslo Hotel and the Rosewood Cafe.

The Rosewood Cafe was really cute inside and they had great frozen lemonade. The grilled cheese sandwich was fine and although I would have preferred fries - the potato wedges were ok.

The Kaslo hotel was cute. Very large suites for very cheap. These aren't fancy but they are clean and would be great to spend a few days in as the kitchen is very well equipped. 

Skelly on Vacation

Skelly wanted to share what he did on his summer vacation...


Nature gazing...

Hanging at the lake...

Manning the lighthouse

Skelly living it up

I knew that taking Skelly on vacation with me was a mistake. Not only did he hog the remote but he used my toothbrush!!!

#27 Hike to the base of a waterfall

This one was really fun. Hiking to the base of a waterfall this August on the way to Revelstoke. I could feel the spray on my face!!


#26 King Dons

Apparently my rejection of twinkies set off a quest by my husband to find a "classic" food for me to enjoy...

Enter King Dons...

Just between me and the King Dons, I liked these as much as I enjoyed Twinkies...

Pass the carrots...

#25 Twinkies

I'm really playing catch up today. In August I tried Twinkies for the first time. I'm told that this is a travesty.

The kids were huge fans! I, on the other hand, could go another 40 years without trying one again. It's not that they were bad...they were just such a non- food that I couldn't choose it again.

#24 Freeze Dried Food

Astronaut food right?

We cracked open these two desserts after supper. While they went in with a texture of styrofoam - they soon transformed to something disturbingly like ice cream.  Yet...warm. Heh. 

#23 Wedgies

In June we stopped here on our way through. I thought it was pretty good. Husband thought it was merely so-so. Kids really liked it.

#22 British Columbia's Tallest Treehouse

Located inside the enchanted forest near Revelstoke BC. 

I hate heights so revel in the bravery of this moment. There's me in purple...making the very slow climb.

#21 Grey Eagle Resort & Casino

I never said that my 40 new things this year would be amazing...just new to me. :)

While I was attending a meeting in Calgary, I had the opportunity to stay in the newly opened Grey Eagle Resort and Casino.

The room was very very spacious and the bed extremely comfortable. It was nice to have a room with a view too. 

On the other hand, my co-worker's room had a bathroom door that wouldn't close and a shower that flooded the floor. Construction was still going on in the hotel. The hotel was very very quiet and didn't seem entirely ready to open. 

I think this hotel has the potential to be great...with a little more time.