The Big 4-0

I broke into a cold sweat just typing the title of this post. They say that (and I'm not sure who THEY are but in this case must be very clever people) you are only as old as you feel. If that's true then I'm 26...maybe even 27.

Even as I typed that blatant lie, the aching twinges in my back and the wrinkles in my hands are snickering. 

No matter how I spin it and no matter how much I pay my son to loudly spout that I'm 31 in public, the ice cold truth is that sometime in 2014, I turn 40. Ugg... My heart skipped a beat there. (Apparently another sign of my aging)

Judging from others and certainly from the media, I'm entitled to a mid life crisis this year. While I weigh my options and decide just how I'm going to turn life on its head, I decided to try something new. More than something new really...40 new things.

If I can try 100 new things I'll do that. At least 40 though...Some will be easy and some will be hard (I hope) but all will be new to me. Since it's already April , I'm going to have to pick it up a little. As I blog by the pool at the resort I am at in Mexico ( hey - there's #1 - blogging on vacation in Mexico ) I remembered that I have a list made up of things I'd like to try. When I get home I will start to cross some of those off.

#2 - ate at a new restaurant - Fife and Deckel
#3 - tried Mahi Mahi

Hey you! Yes you! You can roll your eyes at my choices all you want. This is MY list. My only rule is that they must all be things I have NEVER done before. As I live in a very sheltered world, I expect this list may hit 10,000.... Or 17... Because there is a reason I'm sheltered. New things scare me. 

#4 - I cut my first avocado. Adored chopping the pit out. I felt like a ninja warrior. 

#5 - I ate miso. Multiple times over three weeks. I still don't know what the hell it is and I think it's best if it stays that way

#6 - I did a cleanse diet thingy... For 14? Days. I survived but I think I almost killed those around me. They had to survive the fact that I get very grouchy when hungry AND I got so hungry - they started to look appetizing to me... With a little butter and salt.

As a lay here considering when to enact #7 - my first piƱa colada... I will reflect and see how any more things I have already done and try and impress upon my brain that I should take photos of these things as they happen. 

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  1. The "4-0" isn't that bad, it's just a state of mind. I hit it before you and it hasn't changed the way I live life - in fact, I tend to surprise people when they discover my age because they think I'm younger! LOL!!