More things

Too bad it's my last morning here. If I were here much longer I'd hit 40 things in no time at all. :)

#13 - drank a Flirtini. I did not like it. Don't be fooled by its fun name.

#14 - sampled a gimlet. This one was very good. Maybe I should have vowed to try 40 new drinks... I would enjoy that. :)

#15 - ate a peanut butter and fig crepe. I was told it tastes strangely like peanut butter and jam. It does... So weird. Very tasty though. You can't go wrong having a big mouthful of peanut butter. :)

#16 - I held and even shot a gun. Maybe it was just a pellet gun but it was still a teeny tiny bit scary... But then became fun.  Strangely enough, this one was actually on my top 40 bucket list.  Husband says I should complete this one with a real gun at a shooting range. Hmm.... 

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  1. Yeah, is this 40 new things or 40 new drinks? LOL!! Hope you shot the gun before those drinks.