Pink13 - ITSM Conference

Had a wonderful time at the conference.  Attended a session in almost every timeslot which meant from 7:15am until 5pm and then the nightly reception from 5-7pm.  I won't talk about what I learned in the sessions here as I'm guessing my whole 10 readers are not into ITIL so instead I'll post some pictures of the food and drinks from the receptions:

This was one of the welcome treats upon registration.  Yum!

One night the evening reception served mashed potato martini's.  There were 3 different kinds to choose from.  They were delicious and now I want some glasses like this so I can make them at home!

Another night there we had mac and cheese martinis.  Again - there was a choice of which one to take. This one was the homestyle one and it was great.

These pink drinks were served each night and were really good...and free.  :)

The highlight of the trip was when our team won the ITSM Project of the year!!  We are on their website here:

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