2 am

2am thoughts can be skewed.

When my son was a newborn I hated 2 am. He wasn't big on sleeping (and still isn't 8 years later) and I often found myself up with him at that time. I'd sit rocking him in a chair by his bedroom window thinking longingly of my warm bed. I know some people love those middle of the night moments but I've always preferred them during the day after a full night's rest. :) 

I'd sit in that chair gazing out the window at the blackness of night and darkened windows, firmly believing that I was the only one awake in the universe at that time. 

2 am thoughts can be skewed.

8 years later - not much has changed. I still hate 2am. I *am* the only one awake in the universe. :)  This time I don't have a newborn to fuel my irrational night thoughts. This time I have only an over active brain that thinks too much for 2am...

2am thoughts can be skewed.

Nothing rational can come of 2am thoughts. 2am thoughts are usually overly dramatic or sentimental with only a gossamer thread of reality woven through. At least I'm clever? enough to keep my thoughts to myself tonight instead of typing them and feeling silly in the morning when reality shines its harsh light on my fanciful thoughts leaving me feeling somewhat foolish and remorseful...

Because 2am thoughts can be skewed.

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