#19 Meat

Back in May we visited the restaurant Meat.  It is on Whyte Ave right next to their other place - the Next Act.  Being a huge fan of the food at the Next Act, I couldn't wait to try their new place.  They have a basic menu - meat - with some side dishes.  It's very very loud in there so be prepared to either shut up and eat or yell.  The noise doesn't matter though because the food is delicious.  We ordered a sampler plate along with a few side dishes.  It arrived on a big cookie sheet.

Everything was delicious.  There were 4 of us and I think every one of us had a different favorite meat.  I also tasted the potato salad and the mac n cheese -both were divine!!  Every table has 4 different BBQ sauces on the table: Bourbon, Mustard, Spicy and Cherry.  I found that the meat was so flavorful on its own that no sauce was needed.

The menu has a prominent box around Pickles - $1 so we all ordered a pickle too.  Not that we are susceptible to suggestion or anything.

The food here was great and I can't wait to eat here again!

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