Happy Leap Year!

February has come to an end and with it - horrible motivation.  LOL

I gave up Coffee in February and it failed miserably.  I would last a few days only to cave and get a coffee.  I had no willpower.  I've now had a cold for over a month now and I admit it's made me whiny, bitchy and weak.  I had also planned on adding more activity back in but coughing every time I moved put a damper on that too.  Finally mid month I gave up completely and went back to my coffee drinking, lazy chair sitting ways.  Goodbye February.

March begins tomorrow and I'm feeling better.  I am still coughing sporadically but I can breathe and sleep again.  I can climb flights of stairs without breaking into coughs and gags.  My motivation is back and despite a spectacularly crappy day at work today I'm ready to take on March.

Meatless March begins tomorrow.  Yes - I am giving up meat tomorrow for 31 days.   Mrs Smith my trusty work mate and Sven another co-worker will definitely be seeing a lot of me this month as I try to get ideas of different things to eat.  I'm not subjecting my family to this but finding a way to incorporate it into what we are already eating.  Anyone else want to go meatless this month?  I already have a secret partner but promised NOT to reveal them until after the month is over.

I am trying a repeat of last month by adding activity back in for the month.  I was far too pitiful to give this the effort it deserved and so I'm calling a do-over.

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