Ice Cream Induced...

Note to self:

Just because one has a craving for a peanut buster parfait at 930pm
does not mean one should indulge in this craving, especially when said
individual is not 21 anymore.

Clearly my aged digestive system would have preferred something akin
to a warm mash or a saltine instead.

I believe it was the horrible gurgling sounds that woke me up in the
first place but it was my big dumb stupid brain that started thinking
about work.

I won't even confess what ridiculously small work thing I am fixating
on at 315am. Even though every topic seems infinitely more profound at
3am- some tiny rusty logical part of my brain knows that this is just
weird instead. I tentatively propose that hot fudge causes neurons to
misfire. I have been having the same work dream looping through my
head all night.  That...or I truly am losing my mind.

You'd think that if I truly was losing my mind I wouldn't know or
recognize it so it must be the hot fudge. Or the peanuts. Or the ice
cream.  Damn you delectable treat for bringing work into my life at

Helllllloooo random brain synapses - cross the streams and let me
leave the work world behind in favor of something darker and more

Like zombies.
There's always room for zombies.
Nom nom nom.... Brains.....

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