Random Mind Vomit...

2:31am...sent to Mrs Smith and Seth

the boy was coughing too much...
I delivered him some medicine 

Upon returning to my cozy nest i became obsessed by work thoughts again.  I hate that. I can tell myself that I am just one person and that there are at most 7 working hours in one day but that doesn't shut up those thoughts.  I like to cross things off my list not make the list longer.  My brain is not helpful in this desire.  In an attempt to mentally stab my brain with a qtip I forced my thoughts away from work trying to immerse myself in one of my favorite daydreams.

Even relaxing in my lounge chair i couldn't stay focused and that's when i realized that today was my Grandma's birthday.  Born in 1927 she would have been 85 today.  She was nutty.  She walked with heavy feet and when she hugged you it would crack your ribs.  She wore green nail polish and knitted slippers & mittens while watching baseball on TV.  On almost every visit you could be sure to be shown her latest garage sale finds and encouraged to put a few pieces into the puzzle she had going on the kitchen table.  If you were unlucky enough to be sitting near her as she went through her fridge you might have her appear behind you with a spoon saying "taste this, i think it's rancid."  She was definitely an early bird and most mornings could be found smoking a cigarette at the kitchen table playing solitaire while bread dough sat rising on the counter.  She had the most distinctive contagious laugh and I don't think anyone in our family can not remember her yelling YAHTZEE loud enough to scare dust bunnies. No one loved Christmas more than her and I think she would have been happy that I've been singing Christmas carols for 2 weeks already.

Happy Birthday Grandma!  I'll try and crack my kid's ribs today in your honor and might even be able to squeeze out a yelled "Yahtzee" for no reason other than to make my work mates think I've truly gone off the deep end this time...

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