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I am waiting for the body groove on the couch to warm up and my
Grandma quilt to stop my shivering so you two can enjoy? my useless

I want a magic wand.

I have a magic wand. I think today it's name is Carl. It came with the
fisher price magic show that I got when I was 9 or 10 years old. I
pulled out the set yesterday and showed some tricks to my kids. Even
though DS knew how some of the tricks worked, even he got caught
up when I made Carl come to life and produce a flower while I was
apparently focusing on making a ball disappear instead. Hearingmy daughter 's 
belly laugh every time I did it made it obvious that Carl
still has some magic left in him.

I feel sorry for people who have lost their delight at the little
things.  I still can't help but smile when I see someone throw pizza
dough in the air, when fireworks go off, when the Bellagio fountains
dance or when my peppermint mocha is just so.  I wonder if these
things make my face light up like my daughter's does when we dance in
the kitchen, sip pretend tea or when Carl sneaks out unannounced from
the top of my old wand.

I want a magic wand. One that works and takes away people's pain and
brings back the sparkle in their eye. I think we need more Carl's in
our lives.

While I'm wishing for magic.... It can't hurt to wish that my inlaws
in Arizona were the lucky winners of that record powerball lottery
last night. Apparently the winning ticket came from there. I would buy
myself a fireplace. I would hire someone to have thoughts in the
middle of the night for me. I would buy a peppermint mocha... With

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