Not sleeping...

Apparently some time in the last few months I have quit sleeping through the night.  I wake up and fixate on something and then send middle of the night emails to my friends...   One such friend told me that I should post these random musings on my blog.  So why not?

Oct 18:
Why? Why? Why?
Stupid brain won't sleep through the night.
No coordinator thoughts today. 45 min of wasted time so far...

Nothing useful really except that if you I am going to stab my brain with a qtip for
even thinking this thought.

Other topics this morning include: "aww crap - son's birthday is
next weekend! Gotta get a gift! Gotta create loot bags! Gotta clean
the house!"  Another big chunk of time spent thinking about insert work mate name here too.

Dear diary, now that I've emptied my brain, moved to the couch and am
cocooned within a heavy wool quilt made by grandma ( always the best
therapy)  - perhaps now only flocks of sheep making white noise will
be in my head... :)

Tune in tomorrow for a play by play of melly's stupid brain!!!!

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