Night Musings - Jan 23

Good lord - it appears that my stupid musings have gained a small,
insane but vaguely loyal following. Fine - you are all bcc'd and can
be those mysterious unnamed "friends" I mention on my blog.

It's 410am....been awake for 10-15 min and my brain won't shut off.

Why does it do this?

Task lists, priorities, friends, housekeeping, my lunch later today -
I am thinking of things so fast that I feel like I'm in a scene on tv
when a character is about to die and their life flashes before their
eyes. Only instead of meaningful profound moments it is piles of
meaningless crap.

Ok, to be fair, it's not all meaningless but I don't care what it is -
its not helpful to fixate on it at 4am.

I find myself glaring at my peacefully sleeping husband resisting the
childish urge to poke him in the ear and scream irrationally "What is
the secret to staying asleep all night?"

Meanwhile my eyes glance back at the clock in rising panic seeing that
even more minutes have ticked by and I still have  not resumed my
dream of winning the lottery and buying a Bluetooth shower iPod

I am going to hit send now. You can fight and bet amongst yourselves
to figure out if I can fall asleep before my 530 alarm today. :)

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