San Francisco - Day 1

Good morning everyone!

It's early on day 2 in San Francisco and I've just woken from what I think is the best sleep I have ever had.  Our bed is the MOST comfortable bed ever.  It definitely helps that its a king but the mattress is that perfect combination of firm with a soft top!  Based on that alone I'm in love with our hotel.

Every person we told about going to San Francisco told us that we need to go try their clam chowder.  I have never tried clam chowder before at all mainly because it has the word clam in it.  Have I also mentioned that I haven't tried clam - ever?  Although I went through a phase of eating all seafood in sight while I was pregnant with our son, the instant he was born I went back to not liking lobster, crab, shrimp and therefore by relation: clam.  

Fast forward to yesterday around 8pm.  We hadn't eaten since 7am and had begun to eye up passerby's as possible sources of food. Enter the Blue Mermaid Chowder House & Bar.  During our 20 minute wait for a table we sat at the bar and quizzed the guy beside us on what he was eating.  Emboldened by  a glass of Sailor Jerry and coke on a very empty stomach I weaved to our table and announced boldly that I wanted the Chowder sampler as an appetizer.  Eyeballing the many choices of chowda' we finally settled on three: New England Clam Chowder (traditional creamy-bottom left in photo), Manhattan Clam Chowder (tomato base) and waiter recommended Dungeness Crab and Corn Chowder (with bacon!).   All three were excellent!!  I am IN LOVE with the Dungeness Crab and Corn Chowder!!  Before we leave I will be having that one in a bread bowl for lunch one day.  

Back to the's the little thing that count.  In the bathroom they have 3 full size bottles of shampoo etc to use instead of those tiny little sampler thingys that are impossible to empty.    Then there is this....
The animal print robes and slipper socks in the closet.  That's just fun.  I tried on the leopard one last night - the one in the photo is a little worn but look what they look like new!  I am tempted by those slipper socks though...'s almost 7am and the city awaits me! Bring it on Day 2!

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