San Francisco - Day 6

This was also a pretty quiet day.  I slept in a little and then took the F-line over towards the Embarcadero Center (Pier 1 area).  Stopped at Starbucks for a morning mocha and some reading and then did a little bit of shopping.

On my walk back over to the Ferry Building (near Pier 1) I stopped at the Boudin Bakery for lunch.  I had Grilled Cheese on sourdough along with their homestyle tomato soup.  I wasn't a huge fan of the soup but the sandwich was excellent.

I was originally planning to walk but they day was quite cool, foggy, misty and rainy so I caught the F-Line back to the hotel around 2pm.  I was frozen and buried myself under all the covers for a nice cozy nap.  :)

Once DH returned from his final conference day we had planned to walk to the Golden Gate bridge. We both decided it was way too cold so decided to take the bus to the Haight area instead.  We ended up waiting for a bus for about 40 minutes because of first choosing the wrong bus, then buses being too full etc etc.  Finally we were able to get on.  This bus was fun because it drove through the Presidio area which is fancy.  The houses actually have yards here and are surrounded by very large trees.  I thought it reminded me of a campsite.  Narrow twisty roads with little spaces here and there which would normally be campsites - but were houses instead.

Haight Street.  We were expecting hippies and trendy shops/cafes.  There were some of those yes - especially toward the end we were dropped off on.  There was also a lot of....altered people and downright crazy yelling people there.  I'm glad DH walks around with his "talk to me and die" face on while on vacation.  LOL  It would not be a place I'd want to visit by myself and was a stark contrast to the atmosphere in the Cow Hollow area.  :)

I did buy myself a souvenir though:
Because they are purple.  :)

Back on the bus we went back to our hotel.  We had supper in the restaurant below the hotel - the Blue Mermaid again.

This time we started out trying Crab Cakes and moved on to their amazing soup in a sourdough bread bowl.  Both were really good!

One good thing about all this mist is that it brought my curls back: you can't really tell...but they are there!!

Grand Total walking today was 10337 steps or 7.1 km.

The next day brings a tour to Muir woods and changing hotels (work paid for this one so we are moving downtown and cheaper).

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