San Francisco - Day 4

I started off this day by walking over to Ghiradelli Square in search of some breakfast.    I ended up at Lori's Diner.  Two diners in one vacation - really living it up aren't I?  I really liked the diner here.  It wasn't too busy, the view was spectacular, the food was good (for diner food of course) and service was very quick.

I tried to read my book while eating but kept getting distracted by the beautiful view.  I decided when I finished to go wander the paths that I could see from the window.

The first thing I found was a teeny tiny beach that a few tourists were splashing away in and a couple brave souls who were swimming to the docks beyond.

I followed the path and flow of bikes, joggers, strollers and dogs down a long dock and then up a big hill which also gave some nice views....
then back down the hill into the marina area

finally coming to a boardwalk with the best view of all.  I sat down and meanly sent this photo to a bunch of people.  Pretty sure with all the enemies I made this morning that I won't be able to return to work.  I'm ok with that though...that particular spot created one of those rare moments where you are in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time and feeling completely at peace with the world.  Everyone reading this should go there now!
I decided to turn and head back so that I could drag DH down this way when he returned from his convention.  On the way back I stopped at safeway to pick up something for lunch and get some breakfast items for tomorrow.  I took some pictures of some things to show the kids:

Once DH got home I took him over to Ghiradelli Square where we ate at The Pub.  I had found the listing on Urban Spoon and it had ratings in the 90% zone.  They talked us into trying their famous "Tommy Tots" which are tator tots that are sweet and spicy with blue cheese.  So very weird but strangely tasty.  I then got the pulled pork which came with 3 sides: Mac n Cheese, cornbread and zucchini and Jay had the Rib/Sausage combo with potato salad, corn bread and bacon beans.  Everything was delicious.

We wrapped up with an hour long walk along the same places that I went in the afternoon...pausing for a moment to watch the sun set behind the Golden Gate bridge.

All in all, I logged 13.26km on foot yesterday - 19221 steps....which still stops short of breaking our walking record in Toronto a few years ago.  Here it's just not possible - nothing is flat!!

Here is a quick pano that DH took with his phone:

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